Elizabeth Ganson



Up for Sale

In the coming weeks Elizabeth Ganson will place several of her paintings up for sale (here and maybe eBay too). This will be on a first come, first serve basis and not an auction.

George Michael

Sad to hear about the death of George Michael, Elizabeth Ganson painted his portrait as her own tribute to his memory and talent.


Elizabeth Ganson celebrates after a successful operation in her fight against Cancer. She is looking forward to getting a paintbrush back in her hand again very soon.

People & Portraits

Elizabeth Ganson’s preferred style is to paint portraits and people. This gallery shows a variety of her work depicting famous characters, people she has met, as well as more abstract portraits.


While living in France Elizabeth Ganson started to experiment with many different styles. Surrounded by an abundance of countryside she soon took to painting landscapes. This gallery shows many scenes from both France, but also a few from the UK too.

Abstract & Other

As mentioned above, while living in France Elizabeth Ganson experimented with many different styles of painting. This included her first ventures into the abstract. Although initially apprehensive with this genre, she soon took to it and painted some thought-provoking pieces. This gallery shows a number of miscellaneous styles including abstract.